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Ship design and engineering, 3D Laser Scanning, Power Plant Engineering


Smart Design 2006 Ltd.

was established by a small team of six engineers in Varna, Bulgaria, back in January 2006. Each of the founding members had experience in the field of ship design, having worked for different foreign companies. Excellent quality services make the company grew fast and soon became a famous and reliable partner.

Our good relationships with VARD Group AS ( ex Aker Yards, STX Europe ) and our domestic and east Europe shipyards push a constant development of our skills and activities. The main services provided are in the field of Ship Design, Power Plant Engineering and 3D Laser Scanning. Currently our team consists of more than 40 qualified ship design and power plant engineers.

3D Laser Scanning

one of the latest industrial innovations, serves to easily digitize the existing situation of the particular ship or power plant, which is impossible to be achieved by conventional measurement technique. It is a method of multidimensional capturing, a flexible manner to take 'on site' information from the real objects position. We mastered the process – extreme accuracy, complete Point Cloud generation and processing, optimal number of scans for each situation, etc.

We always strive to be at the leading edge and to accurately predict the events. Driven by our new ambition, we have opened a new office in the USA. Since 2015 we have established a branch office in Irvine, California. In particular, our mission is to meet the American clients needs.
Our objective is to demonstrate the company’s potential and to confirm our presence there.

The main efforts of the company are focused on the complete compliance with the quality criteria of our customers' demands. Identifying and meeting customer requirements in order to ensure the customers’ satisfaction and build long-term relations has always been our path to follow. Building the company’s competitiveness in the nowadays dynamic market conditions, increasing the customer trust, monitoring the processes and the products preparation in order to guarantee that intended results will be achieved and the customer’s expectations will be met – our main everyday company goal.


Smart Design 2006 Ltd. was established in January 2006 by a small team of six engineers. Each of the founding members had experience in the field of shipbuilding design, having worked for different foreign companies. Thanks to the good...


Company main goals

     The main efforts of the company are focused on the complete compliance with the quality criteria of our customers' demands. Consistently using this approach we win new clients. In this regard, we work in the...


Company's Social Responsibility

      Responsibility to the members of our team, responsibility to protect the environment, responsibility for our success:  The Team:       Our team members are the heart of the company. Realizing...

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Letter From the General Manager

Dear All,

The most important aspect of our operations is to build and maintain strong relationships amongst us and with our clients. We have achieved and sustained a great history of excellent service and trust. I can proudly say that all of you have contributed to creating a successful business model based on honesty, integrity and dedication.
As you all know, the key principles of every aspect of our operations are to always exceed our clients’ expectations while maintaining an open business relationship based on trust and comply with the highest ethical standards.

We are accountable to our clients but we also respect each other. Each one of you is the heart of our company – our organization is only as strong as each one of you is. Therefore, it is extremely important to do our business the right way – this is how we deserve the trust that is placed on us.
We are dedicated to fully comply with the Law, we are ethical and we are consistent in our operations, on each occasion and at all times.
Allow me to thank you for all the hard work, commitment and excellent results.

Ivan Petrov
General Manager of Smart Design 2006


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