Company's Social Responsibility

      Responsibility to the members of our team, responsibility to protect the environment, responsibility for our success: 

The Team:
      Our team members are the heart of the company. Realizing this, we make efforts aimed at protecting the health of all team members, their professional training and their overall personal development. 
      On the first place, we recruit our team members based on careful selection. This procedure involves overall assessment of the applicant’s personality and potential opportunities. The professional skills of our team members are our main concern. We maintain their highly professional skills not only by arranging external and internal courses, but also by conducting workshops and participating in international forums and seminars. We are committed to ensure that our employees proficiently use the latest versions of the applicable industrial 3D CAD/CAM software.
      The provision of excellent healthcare services for our team members is our major concern. Every year we enter into a contract with a licensed company for medical consultations and occupational medicine to conduct periodic physical examinations as required under the current health and safety regulations. These medical examinations ensure that our designers will stay in good health and condition. 
      We are committed to maintain the physical condition of our team as well. Therefore, we conduct a number of sporting events involving all team members with frequent sports competitions between the departments. For this purpose our company has concluded a contract for year-round use of a volleyball hall and outdoor football facilities.
      In addition, we are committed to ensure the recreation of our team as well. We have established good practices to arrange outdoor sports activities, culture events and team building sessions. We encourage our team members to bring their family members too. Our management puts efforts to create good relations and team spirit. The social climate in the company is of great importance for the success of the organization. 

The Environment:
The company always acts as an environmentally responsible entity with respect to the global issues that affect the environment. Together with our customers, we always opt for cost-efficient technical means to minimize CO2 emissions as a commitment to minimize the effects of global warming

The Success: 
Our success is a complex result of our work as a team of personally responsible members, based on the control on the compliance with the overall company’s principles and policies. Being a profitable company brings profit for the entire society.