About us

Smart Design has been operating steadily on the market for about 14 years. Our company provides quality services at competitive costs using modern technology. We primarily offer four types of services which involve Ship Design, Power Plant Design, Civil Engineering and 3D Laser Scanning.
The services associated with ship design include 3D hull modelling, 3D model design and positioning of ship equipments, pipe routing, HVAC routing, cable trays routing, 3D foundations modelling, platforms, hatch covers, doors, ladders, manholes, auxiliary steel structures, etc. We produce all types of prefabrication, arrangement, layout and other drawings. The company’s service portfolio also includes fuel and cargo tanks stress, thermal, and thermodynamic analysis.
Our power plant design services include 3D model design and positioning of equipment, pipe routing, HVAC routing, cable trays routing, 3D model of buildings, platforms, tanks, supports, foundations, auxiliary structures; calculation and design of pipe and machinery units. We produce all types of fabrication, arrangement, layout and other drawings.
The civil engineering services provided include architectural design, engineering and construction supervision of industrial facilities, residential buildings, factories, hydroelectric power plants, electrical substations, photovoltaic plants, electrical traces, detailed urbanization plans, gas stations, houses, office buildings, bridges, industrial halls, cultural sites, hotels, holiday houses, sport halls, bus stations, and many more.
We offer 3D laser scanning as a state-of-the-art method of multidimensional capturing. It is a flexible manner to take 'on site' information from the real objects positions. Imported in 3D Model, this information provides an easy way to compare the project information to the real situation.  As a result this algorithm allows for repairing, retrofitting, preparing ‘as-built’ documentation.

We are ready to be involved in different engineering challenges (ideas, design, calculations, etc.). Here you can see one of those - GRIPPER project.

Download "SMART DESIGN 2006" PDF Brochure here