Ways to work with us

We are always open  for all client requirements and we are ready to discuss all the possibilities for collaboration ensuring the best task achievement. We are flexible enough to offer almost any solution for Engineering and Design project database arrangement and transfer.

Depending on the clients’ requirements, we can offer a number of approaches to implement the particular project.

1. Database in the server of Smart Design 2006 Ltd only

-The best solution, provided that the entire project is implemented solely by Smart Design 2006 Ltd.
- The cheapest method.
-If it is required that other design teams will work on the same project, the procedure involves the use of Smart Design 2006 VPN access.
2. Global Server solution

- Very good solution. Independent from the quality of the Internet connection.
- Utilizes the resources of Smart Design 2006 workstations only.
- Price
3. VPN and Citrix solution

- Cheap solution.
-Lower working speed.
-High quality Internet connection on both ends is required.
- Utilizes the resources of the Client's server only.