Secondary steel structures

       Designing additional steel structures for a working power plant is a challenge but not when you have the same team involved in all the design phases. That is the case with North Power Station in Bermuda and our long-term client – Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor, BWSC. 

       It is our first time working directly with their service team and they came to us with a task to do a basic and detailed design for additional secondary steel items including platforms, stairs and ladders scattered all over the plant with a total weight of 20 tons. A difficult task including platforms around the main machinery (main engines and alternators), fitted between other existing structures both steel and concrete ones. 

       Here comes our main advantage. Our team was involved in the complete design process of the plant. We had knowledge and documents for all the equipment and structures. Production drawings of the nearby platforms gave us enough information and we were able to evaluate the modifications needed and satisfy our client. Which handrail can be dismounted, where are the hatches on the Alternator casing, where there is waterproofing on the roof of the buildings and where to avoid anchors and replace them with full penetration rods due to the void spaces in the blockwork. Small details considered during the design phase always save valuable time and modifications at Site during installation. 

       The client required fiber reinforced grating around the alternator. That is always a good idea nearby electrical equipment. Safety first ! New technologies and materials are not new to our team and we should convince the whole sector to gravitate more and more towards them. The price is a factor that you cannot go around but when there are clients willing to take the step and build something good, clients who understand the safety and well-being of their staff is important then we can achieve the best results. 

       Custom design is where we thrive. Civil engineers, marine engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, naval architects, electrical engineers and even software developers - our team is very flexible. The education is only a formality. Personality and motivation are the key. We like solving problems, we like creating something new, something never done before. In love with what we do and obsessed with perfection we cannot wait for our next adventure.