"Power-to-X" technology



       Power-to-X means converting power into something else, most often it is different kind of fuel. For example, power can be converted via electrolysis into hydrogen, which can be used directly or in combination with other elements for production of fuels or chemicals.

       Power-to-X is an important element in the green transition. In many cases, fossil fuels can be replaced directly by power, for example in electric cars, just as electric heat pumps can be used to heat our houses.

       But not everything can run on electricity and batteries. For use, for example, in heavy transport, aircraft, ships, and trucks, Power-to-X is essential, as electricity can be used as a basis for the process of producing green fuels. The same applies to the very energy-intensive processes in part of our industrial production. Power-to-X can also ensure that we have chemicals for the manufacture of medicines, plastics, and many other products we know from our everyday lives and which are today made using fossil resources.


     The electricity in Power-to-X comes from renewable energy sources (solar or wind parks). The first step in Power-to-X is to use the electricity in an electrolyzer where water (H2O) is split into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O). After that Hydrogen can be used directly as fuel or it can be used in a synthesis process in which nitrogen (N) or carbon (C) from CO2 is added.This creates new fuels and chemicals such as methane, methanol, and ammonia. These are often characterized as e-fuels or electro-fuels because they are produced using electricity in the process. They can be used as fuels for ships, aircraft, and trucks. This process of utilizing the electrical energy when the electrical energy prices are very low or even negative during the day time gives to Energy producers a great advantage. We think that this technology has a great and green future.