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     Despite the extension of the ballast water treatment regulations by 2024, more and more shipowners are seeking to have a ballast water treatment system on board their fleets as soon as possible.

     We, as a company that is already advanced in the design of ballast stations for processing, manage very quickly to get into the matter of the ship and to complete the project in a very short period.

     We provide our clients with all the necessary documentation for the production and installation of the system. Even though it seems a typical, standard task it is always a challenge to accomplish the whole procedure fast and accurately just because there are so many types of vessels and countless different situations on board.


     Here is a good example accompanied in photos - one of our recent Ballast Water Treatment System projects.


     It seemed a typical BWTS task at first glance. Our engineers arrived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to perform a 3D scan of an offshore vessel. These are usually special purpose ships and differ from other types of vessels by location of equipment and their systems purpose. It was a great challenge to find a place to install the system in a skid version by not obstructing the paths and places where the equipment and their elements are serviced. There was a strong limitation in terms of free space, so we identified several positions where we would eventually be able to implement the piping skid. Back in the office our engineers prepared two separate options for system installation, so the client and the crew can choose the most convenient place, compliant with their routine work on board. The electrical cabinets also had to arrive at a skid version, but there was no more room available, so we decided to place them individually in the vicinity of the piping skid.


     After installing the system on board we had an inspection visit on the same vessel. We noticed a perfect match of installation in reality and the 3D project made by our engineers. The company that mounted the pipes on board informed us that it was extremely easy for them to carry out the whole process following the drawings and documents provided. Of course, the workshop performance where the tubes were manufactured were flawless – that is an important factor too.


     So, even a typical, standard task can easily be transformed into double, triple working variants, just to be able to find the best arrangement and full satisfaction of the client and servicing crew – a guarantee for a job well done!