Flange Lockout Device “Green at any level”

     Smart Design 2006 LLC is ship Design Company working in any phase of marine engineering. During our recent projects of ship retrofits we noticed that a lot of pipe systems and branches, especially those which are flange connected, can be easily modified onboard, sometimes against IMO rules and legislation about pollution of the sea. We also noticed and appreciate ship's crew and ship-owners actions to prevent such activity but we think they all need a common solution to implement on all the fleets around the globe.
     All above mentioned force us to design a lockout device, easy for manufacture and use, guarantee maximum prevention and security against unregulated pipe system modification.
Flange Lockout Device “Green at any level”
     Our lockout device is engineered for pipeline systems with flange joint connection. Essentially, it is a pair of special geometry brackets combined with locking T-shaped detail. Entire construction needs to be sealed after mounting to guarantee inviolability. This is accomplished by a hole in the locking bolt.
     The device is easy for mounting/dismantling, no special tools or qualified personnel required.
     Our creation is patented. We offer full package – manufacture and delivery to any destination around the world. No limit about the quantity of purchased units. We cover all the pipe diameters used in ship industry. All the details are made of steel, powder-coated. It can be any required color. As an option, we offer vessel name and IMO code stamped.
     We truly believe that it is our common mission to keep international fleets “Green” in any aspect and we think this is one of the ways to go for it.