Capturing reality - 3D Laser Scanning solutions

     Retrofitting? Modification of existing compartment, system or entire installation? Sounds familiar?

     Laser scanning is the answer when it comes to retrofit, any type of alteration or just a digital conversion of existing real situation. 

     For those of you who are not familiar with 3D Laser Scanning, it is a state-of-the-art method of multidimensional capturing. It is a flexible manner to take 'on site' information from the real objects position. Imported in 3D Model, this information provides an easy way to compare the project information to the real situation. Extremely useful for repairing, retrofitting, preparing ‘as-built’ documentation. Some of our clients request a scanning and Point Cloud generation just for ideas and clearer vision of any type of alterations.

     Recently, in a great demand of Ballast Water Treatment System and Scrubber circuits implementation on commercial ships, “Smart Design 2006” LLC achieved a lot of projects where 3D Laser scanning was essential part of the complete design task. We mastered the process – extreme accuracy +/- 3mm, complete Point Cloud generation and processing, optimal number of scans for each situation, etc.

     The list goes even further – Laser Scanning can be extremely helpful in Commercial Buildings modification and restoration, tunnels, cultural monuments and memorials restoration, etc.

     We from  “Smart Design 2006” LLC will continue to improve ourselves in 3D Laser Scanning because we truly believe it is a huge advantage in almost any imaginable engineering task.